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Expertise On Demand Infographic
Expertise On Demand Infographic
Expertise On Demand Infographic

The Shifting Balance: Expertise, Automation and the Future of Cybersecurity

The present and future of cybersecurity operations will address the skills gap by better utilizing our existing experts and creating more intelligent automation. An evolution is underway in cybersecurity to shift some of the cognitive load from human security experts to machines. When is a machine an appropriate solution and when do you really need a human expert?

In this webinar, FireEye outlines a spectrum of automatability that helps us identify when a machine or a human expert may be the most effective approach to solving cybersecurity challenges. Multiple factors make up this spectrum, including data volume, and the underlying threat behavior's frequency and stability.


Expertise, Automation and the Future of Cybersecurity

White Paper

Combat the Cyber Skills Shortage

Combat the Cyber Skills Shortage
Adopt strategies to mitigate the risk of a successful attack

In 2018, 77% of organizations surveyed experienced at least one successful cyber attack. While technology has a big part in protecting against cyber attacks, the human element is the catalyst for both attack and defense. Our latest white paper, Combat the Cyber Skills Shortage looks at how the cyber security skills gap may be affecting businesses and their employees. It covers:

  • The commercial realities of the cyber skills shortage
  • How the skills gap is affecting cyber security professionals in the industry
  • Options for bridging the gap with near- and long-term solutions


“Few, if any, enterprises can afford to perform all security functions in-house. Consider selective outsourcing of functions, especially those that are operationalized or ad hoc.”

- Gartner, Security Organization Dynamics, 7 May 2019, Sam Olyaei, Tom Scholtz


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