Cloud Email Security for Office 365

Secure Cloud Email with FireEye Email Threat Prevention and Office 365

Now is a crucial time to enhance your email security as you move from on-premise Microsoft Exchange to Office 365. Because this transition to cloud comes amid growing concerns about email security, you have a unique opportunity to secure your email in the cloud with the FireEye Email Threat Prevention Cloud (ETP).

FireEye ETP Cloud provides a layer of superior email security to your Office 365 deployment, delivering highly effective email protection with the same ease of deployment that you’ll get from Office 365.


“By rapidly deploying the FireEye Email Threat Prevention Platform inline with their newly rebuilt Office 365 cloud email solution, the company prevented a second attack attempt to destroy their email system.”

- Global developer of integrated resort and destination properties

Learn how a global developer protects against advanced attacks and prevents data theft.

Advanced Email Protection for Advanced Threats

Today’s high-impact email threats are not delivered in annoying spam messages. Instead, they hide in carefully designed spear-phishing campaigns and targeted attacks. End users click on seemingly innocuous email messages that can download malicious malware, steal credentials and more. These sophisticated email attacks make it easy for cyber criminals to breach your organization, putting corporate and customer assets at risk.

Office 365 includes basic security at nominal cost, but today’s targeted attacks require more robust email defenses. When combined with Office 365 and Exchange Online, FireEye ETP provides a complete email security solution, detecting and blocking advanced persistent threats faster and more effectively than traditional email security solutions.

FireEye ETP Cloud will:

  • Reduce the risk of significant business impacts caused by email-borne attacks 
  • Maximize operational efficiencies with contextual, actionable threat intelligence 
  • Deliver a flexible security platform that can be expanded to protect against blended, multi-vector attacks