Deployment and Integration Services

Mandiant Consulting

Get the most out of your investment in FireEye technology

Ensure your FireEye technology is properly implemented and integrated into your overall security infrastructure. Mandiant experts work with FireEye technology every day. They install, integrate and maintain deployments for a wide range of clients and environments and fight off attackers on the frontlines.

With their know-how and skills, they can help you optimize and improve your processes for faster and more effective threat detection and response, while minimizing manual error rates.

Deployment and Integration Services offerings

Jumpstart Services

Helps rapidly and correctly deploy FireEye products in your environment.

  • Designed to work with FireEye Helix, Managed Defense, network, email, endpoint, forensic platform, and Threat Analytics offerings
  • Ensures proper integration with existing tools to help achieve your security potential

Enterprise Platform Services

Establishes comprehensive FireEye solutions properly in larger, more complex environments.

  • Includes project management, architecture, installation, deployment and testing
  • Applies advanced capabilities through Managed Defense or Security Orchestrator deployment

Analysis Best Practices

Shows your team the product analysis procedures they need to incorporate FireEye products into customer operations.

  • Teaches analysts to quickly and correctly prioritize FireEye alerts
  • Improves security maturity through tighter FireEye product integration

Product Performance Optimization

Verifies that your FireEye network, email and endpoint security installations deliver current, peak performance.

  • Uses detailed data from administrators, analysts, systems and equipment
  • Recommends configuration, integration, operations and maintenance best practices

Deployment and Integration Services features

Let our technology expertise help you.

  • Integrate products across your security infrastructure to optimize workflow through automation, improving efficiency, efficacy and response time
  • Apply world-class FireEye threat intelligence that is relevant to your industry or organization practices
  • Gain knowledge and best practices from experts
  • Receive ongoing optimal performance from your technology
  • Realize maximum benefit from your FireEye technology
  • Get best in class service from security experts with significant engagement experience

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