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Bringing Fortune-50 security to small and midsize businesses

The global threat landscape is changing. Steve Cobb, senior technology and security fellow at One Source, observed, “Small- and midsize enterprises [SMEs] are facing the same threats as larger corporate entities. Attackers are no longer exclusively focused on high-value intellectual property or the assets of billion-dollar corporations; any organization handling sensitive information has become an inviting target for hackers to exploit.”

In addition to his years of hands-on experience, Cobb has visibility into all the client environments managed by One Source. He noted, “The number of attacks we’re seeing is growing exponentially. However, despite the enormous impact of getting breached, many clients still aren’t adequately addressing the vulnerabilities in their environments.”

To meet the dynamic cyber security needs of customers, One Source leveraged its extensive expertise as a managed services provider (MSP) in the telecommunications sector to create a comprehensive portfolio of managed security services provider (MSSP) offerings. “We knew we could do a far better job than the majority of SME in-house teams, at a significantly more compelling price point,” Cobb explained.


One Source partners with FireEye to make enterprise-grade protection a reality

“The Helix platform enables our analysts to become ‘super heroes’ who have visibility across the whole environment and the ability to efficiently orchestrate complex mitigation strategies.”

- Steve Cobb, Senior Technology and Security Fellow, One Source

Building A Best-In-Class MSSP Toolkit

Architecting its MSSP offerings from the ground up, One Source focused on identifying best-in-class security solutions. Cobb acknowledged, “FireEye was the first partner I sought out: The solutions from FireEye are fantastic and the company’s clientele includes a leaderboard of some of the most prestigious companies in the world, as well as U.S. and other nation’s government organizations.”

He continued, “FireEye really understands the MSSP model and we saw great value in forming a partnership.”

One Source selected FireEye Network Security, FireEye Endpoint Security, FireEye Email Security and FireEye Helix to secure the complex, highly diverse environments the MSSP oversees for its customers. Each contract is customized to the unique needs of the client’s environment and tailored to conform to the risk management objectives of the company’s executive team.

Centralized, Simplified and Integrated

“All of the individual FireEye solutions are integrated; providing seamless coverage across disparate attack vectors and making it possible to track the entire threat life-cycle. We’re always able to provide clients with comprehensive details of what’s happening in their environment at any given moment,” enthused Cobb.

He added, “Most new clients we take on board have legacy security products already deployed but a big plus for us is that the FireEye solutions have been designed to operate effectively in diverse, mixed environments. If a client does use products from other vendors, we’re able to integrate everything into the FireEye ecosystem and use FireEye Helix to monitor and manage the entire infrastructure.”

One Source leverages FireEye solutions to assist in optimizing its own resources. Cobb explained, “The ability of FireEye Helix to import and analyze log and event data from any security tool using a unified portal is significant for us. The Helix platform enables our analysts to become ‘super heroes’ who have visibility across the whole environment and gives them the ability to efficiently orchestrate complex mitigation strategies. The speed and accuracy with which our analysts can assess alerts and mitigate potential threats is a huge plus for our clients; FireEye is fundamental in enabling us to provide this level of service.”

Alleviate the Need to Administrate

Another emerging challenge for SMEs is fulfilling the escalating administrative burden of new security compliance requirements. Regulations such as GDPR have made business owners responsible for proving that personal information is appropriately handled. One Source’s approach helps relieve the magnitude of the task: “With Helix we can easily access audit reporting and generate executive summary reports on the spot, which is a huge benefit for small IT teams trying to keep up with new compliance requirements for PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and from other regulatory bodies. We no longer have to waste time pivoting across different platforms to pull logs and then correlate that data to obtain a complete picture of what has taken place: It’s already there for us!”

One Source

One Source

Industry: IT Services

As a fully managed communications lifecycle management provider for mid-market enterprises, One Source has amassed more than 1,000 clients spread across 20,000 business locations and has responsibility for over one million telecom assets and devices throughout North America. Founded in 1989, One Source has expanded its portfolio of offerings, partnering with FireEye to deliver a best-in-class of suite of managed security services.


  • Delivers enterprise-grade security to SME/SMB companies
  • Deep, cross-solution visibility across all client environments
  • Multi-vendor management and product agnostic alerting
  • Centralized reporting streamlines regulatory compliance overhead

“Our partnership with FireEye makes it feasible for mid-market companies to receive all of the benefits of a full enterprise-grade security suite, packaged in a way that makes compelling business sense.”

- Steve Cobb, Senior Technology and Security Fellow, One Source

Big League Benefits

Cobb continued, “For SMEs, hiring and retaining headcount with the skillsets necessary to provide adequate levels of security is an almost unsurmountable challenge, and definitely far more costly than bringing in One Source. We dedicate resources around the clock that possess an exceptional level of expertise. The suite ofenterprise-grade solutions we offer, coupled with our level of service, typically would be out of reach for most smaller companies if they were trying to do it for themselves.”

Cobb reflected on his company’s collaboration with FireEye: “The quality of the FireEye team is a very important part of the overall value of the partnership for us and consequently, our clients. FireEye support is outstanding: The passion and attention to detail of its analysts and engineers are immediately apparent. FireEye is open to listening to our feedback – we feel that we have a voice.”

He concluded, “As an MSSP, our clients rely on us every single day. The methods used by cyber criminals are very sophisticated and hackers are becoming increasingly opportunistic with who they target. Our partnership with FireEye makes it feasible for mid-market companies to receive all of the benefits of a full enterprise-grade security suite, packaged in a way that makes compelling business sense.”