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Leveraging FireEye to come to clients’ rescue

Brian Barnett, CEO of LUZ Technology, stated, "We rarely find an account that doesn’t have a security gap: They all have some area where the threat landscape has morphed and technology is needed to close it. We like to develop a layered approach to protection and believe that through discipline and a properly architected perimeter, it is possible to provide an optimal set of defenses that are highly scalable."

A Federal-Grade Partner

The relationship between LUZ Technologies and FireEye began several years ago, when the company selected FireEye – over many competitors – for its cutting- edge security offerings. Barnett and his team observed that FireEye was always there addressing new threats as they emerged. "FireEye’s pedigree is important to us. It gives us confidence that we can take military-grade solutions and move them into a wide variety of environments," Barnett noted.


LUZ Technologies discusses their use of FireEye solutions

“We see FireEye as a leader in the market. It is ahead of others in innovation and is clearly spending the right amount on research and development. We’re big fans!”

- Brian Barnett, CEO, LUZ Technologies

LUZ sees the federal government as the ultimate example of enterprise computing: With 155 agencies and over 10,000 facilities, it has a very specific roadmap that includes FireEye Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and other FireEye components. Barnett commented, "FireEye standards greatly exceed federal requirements, and solutions like FireEye Network Security very effectively protect against zero-day attacks and advanced persistent threats.

He added, "We also like to deploy the FireEye Central Management to provide orchestration across the whole FireEye solution set."

Effective threat prevention

Soon after the partnership formed, a prospect asked Barnett for help after being hit with a CryptoLocker- style ransomware attack. The LUZ team immediately deployed FireEye Network Security and swiftly mitigated the attack; showing instant value to the executives who were distressed by the breach.

LUZ enjoys the ability to deploy the FireEye solutions remotely and expeditiously, especially when a new client is under threat. "Our security experts can immediately leverage the intelligence from FireEye to understand how the intruders are exploiting legacy weaknesses," explained Barnett. "This is critical to blocking and eradicating the intruders before they can do any damage."

He continued, "We had a healthcare account that was the target of an email- based attack and we used FireEye as a Service (FaaS) in combination with FireEye Email Security and Network Security to put the right protection in place and stop the ransomware from deploying. The FireEye solutions don’t require weeks and weeks of consulting to implement, and the speed at which we can operate and mitigate risk is a very important differentiator for us."

At another client, LUZ leveraged the out-of-the-box capabilities of FireEye Endpoint Security to identify an infected server that had eluded detection for two years!

More recently, LUZ took on a new account that had outgrown its legacy, non-FireEye IPS and was experiencing a lack of bandwidth. The LUZ staff immediately implemented FireEye Cloud MVX and within a couple of hours, it was securing the gap. Barnett recounted, "Cloud MVX immediately protected the company and gave us the time to architect a completely new security environment."

Providing clients with optimal solutions

LUZ has utilized many FireEye solutions to aid its customers – deploying both on-premise and cloud-based products and services – to both block attacks and provide detailed analytics to identify the source of the threats. "These experiences have endeared FireEye to us, and given us the confidence to recommend its entire portfolio to our own clients," Barnett remarked.

LUZ always installs new FireEye solutions within its own corporate infrastructure to gain first-hand expertise with them. Barnett shared, "Our personal experience with the capabilities and functionality enables our consultants to listen to a client’s challenges and recommend the right solution mix with confidence."

Clients often need both easy access to real-time data and actionable information to understand where a threat mitigation effort needs to focus: Barnett enthused, "These are two core strengths of the FireEye solutions."

He concluded, "We see FireEye as a leader in the market. It is ahead of others in innovation and is clearly spending the right amount on research and development. We’re big fans!"

LUZ Technologies

LUZ Technologies

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LUZ Technologies is a service disabled veteran-owned cyber security firm that specializes in cloud, hybrid, and on-site managed security. The LUZ philosophy is that all clients should have easy access to advanced, next-generation cyber security protection. The company has earned a great reputation for its ability to reduce the complexity involved in migrating legacy environments to advanced security infrastructures and for removing the stresses that can frequently occur when architecting and implementing world-class security solutions.


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