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Major Law Firm Protects Personal Client Details

For almost 160 years, Dentons Rodyk & Davidson LLP has safeguarded the confidential and sensitive information of its clients. Nonetheless, with the volume and sophistication of cyber threats exponentially increasing, the law firm recognized the need to revisit its network security strategy and ensure the infrastructure was fortified against attacks targeting client data.

Alvin Aw, head of information technology at Dentons Rodyk, explained, “We discuss our security posture with clients almost every single day. Whether we’re reviewing compliance requirements established by a client or explaining our security approach to a prospective client, data integrity is a priority for everyone at the firm. We take the responsibility of protecting the sensitive information our clients entrust us with very seriously.”

He continued, “Compromising the safety of this data could irrevocably damage the credibility we’ve cultivated with clients over the course of more than a century and a half. We’re increasingly aware of advanced persistent threats in the cyber security space and are more focused than ever on strengthening our environment.”


Dentons Rodyk & Davidson LLP Customer Story

“FireEye’s holistic approach is enhancing our overall security ecosystem and making it easier to demonstrate to our clients that their security compliance requirements are being proficiently handled.”

- Alvin Aw, Head of Information Technology, Dentons Rodyk & Davidson LLP

A Solution Worth Waiting For

After six months of rigorously evaluating leading products in the market, Dentons Rodyk identified FireEye as the partner best-suited to help elevate its infrastructure security strategy. “We conducted a one-month proof-of-concept with FireEye and were extremely impressed by the breadth of security attacks the solution was able to identify and preventing. The platform’s outstanding ability to detect, report, and mitigate the impact of any potential breaches was definitely one of the key benefits of the solution for us,” Aw shared.

He added, “FireEye distinguished itself from other solutions with the seamless integration of FireEye Endpoint Security and FireEye Network Security with FireEye Helix. Together, the solutions utilize a single end-user management portal that provides inclusive detection and a unified view of what is occurring across our environment.”

Dentons Rodyk needed a solution with scalability and flexibility to accomodate its global network. Aw noted, “Because we do business in so many countries, our network has become very complex, with countless endpoints that need to be monitored and protected. However, FireEye Endpoint Security thrives in this type of situation, simultaneously analyzing all of our endpoints to detect and isolate any compromised devices, and then if necessary, mass-deploying a fix to the whole infrastructure.”

To ensure a timely and optimal rollout, Dentons Rodyk engaged technical consultants from FireEye. “The FireEye deployment team was clearly well-versed in the solutions,” recounted Aw. “Our project was successfully completed well within the promised timeframe, which really reinforced our perceptions of the high quality of FireEye support.”

Real-Time Threat Mitigation

As with anyone addressing a malware attack, time is of the essence if Dentons Rodyk’s network is ever compromised. “With FireEye Network Security and FireEye Endpoint Security connected to the FireEye Helix cloud-hosted security operations platform, our team is able to monitor employees around the world in real time and manage responses to threats as they occur,” commented Aw.

“Our network infrastructure has to support our users wherever they are, be it on the other side of the globe or in a meeting room across the street.. FireEye Endpoint Security ensures these devices are always protected and FireEye Helix guarantees we can administer support and threat mitigation to any endpoint from our office in Singapore,” enthused Aw.

“FireEye’s holistic approach is enhancing our overall security ecosystem and making it easier to demonstrate to our clients that their security compliance requirements are being proficiently handled.”

Preparedness is Key

“Given the enormous increase of IoT devices and the rapid growth of ransomware targeting these access points across the network, the question is no longer if a destabilizing cyberattack will happen someday but when,” Aw observed. “With FireEye in place, we have a platform that is capable of delivering the intelligence my team needs to counter cyber security risks as they arise. The knowledge of there being continual threats to our infrastructure is undeniably concerning, but FireEye helps us cut through the complexity, equipping us to adeptly defend ourselves should a serious attack occur.”

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  • Simplified cyber security strategy
  • Comprehensive threat detection and protection
  • Unified management portal
  • Real-time management of local and remote network activity