2018 On-Demand Webinars


  • The Attacker's Invoice: Real Costs of a Cyber BreachCyber breaches that result in data loss are often accompanied by heavy costs—some costs are obvious, while others are unexpected. Join Jon Horner, Senior Consultant, Mandiant FireEye with featured speaker, Eric Packel, Partner, BakerHostetler, as they break down the costs of a breach, detail each cost, and explain how to estimate the business impact of each line item.
  • Video Interview | How to Build a Robust Threat Intel FunctionCyber threat intelligence is an essential weapon for detecting and preventing advanced attacks from well-funded attackers with specific agendas and targets.Watch this interview with Sandra Joyce, head of global threat intel, and Igors Konovalovs, Director for iSIGHT Intelligence EMEA, as they answer some of the most practical and pressing questions about cyber threat intelligence.
  • Impersonation: The Many Masks of Email ThreatsYou can’t always trust that the sender of your email truly sent it. Impersonation threats are becoming more popular and difficult for end users to spot. Ken Bagnall, Vice President, Email Security, presents “Impersonation: The Many Masks of Email Threats,” a FireEye webinar that digs into the details behind impersonation attacks
  • Video Panel | Cyber Security in Europe: An Executive Perspective Cyber breaches are inevitable because attackers constantly change their tools, techniques and procedures (TTPs). Everyone is affected in different ways, whether from compromised systems or supply chains to the financial implications of non-compliance and breach notification. Join us for a live video panel on trending topics in cyber security.
  • Breach Response Preparedness - Webinar SeriesWhy do organisations keep failing at IR? What makes an incident response team work? How do I maximise the efficiency of my resources? To answer these questions and many others, please join us for a 3-part series on state-of-the-art incident investigation techniques and breach response strategies.


  • Discover the Hidden Threats With Network ForensicsMany modern cyber attacks routinely bypass firewalls and other perimeter defenses, leaving security professionals to play “whack-a-mole,” beating down threats as quickly and efficiently as they can. Hear Bill Cantrell, VP of Network Product Management to get insight on how you can get increased visibility into network traffic, and quickly find the threats hiding in your network.
  • Impersonation Attacks: The New Email Based ThreatsThe email threat landscape is changing. Impersonation attacks and malicious URLs are becoming more popular. Join Ken Bagnall, VP Email Security, FireEye and Levi Lloyd, Sr. Manager, Detection Services, who addresses the latest changes in email attack tactics.


  • AI and the Future of Cyber ConflictAs more companies integrate AI applications into their businesses, they must understand the risks associated with this technology. Join Michelle Cantos, Strategic Intelligence Analyst, as she discusses the changing geopolitical landscape as threat actors develop and implement AI capabilities, as well as the use of AI applications in businesses and associated vulnerabilities.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Trends and ThreatsCyber criminals have always been attracted to cryptocurrencies, which provide a certain level of anonymity and can be easily monetised. Join your host David Grout, Technical Director for Southern Europe, for a 45-minute webinar to discuss the latest cryptocurrency threats and trends.
  • Rise of the Rest: APT Groups No Longer From Just China and Russia As part of the MISTI APT eSummit, Executive Briefer, Sarah Geary talks about the threat actors associated with the Chinese and Russian government, and how they remain among the most sophisticated. This past year marks the first time that FireEye has designated actors from other countries as APT groups. As more countries conduct inexpensive and efficient cyber operations, the public should be aware of how these threats affect the public and private sectors.


  • [EXECUTIVE PANEL] How To Make the Cyber Risk Message a Board's PriorityJoin us for an executive panel with our EMEA VP & regional leaders as they discuss insights on how the CISOs take the risk message to the board and how they bridge the gap by translating technical jargon into business language.
  • Artificial Intelligence in the Cyber DomainArtificial intelligence (AI) offers businesses better ways to defend their systems, but it also offers hackers better ways to compromise those systems. Join this webinar to understand how AI will impact cyber security before you rely on it for network defense.
  • M-Trends 2018 - Understanding Today's Cyber Attack Trends Every year consultants from Mandiant, a FireEye company, respond to a wide variety of cyber incidents by threat groups around the world. This experience is summarized in the annual M-Trends report, which explores changes in the cyber threat landscape.


  • Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Warfare: A PrimerArtificial intelligence (AI) is a transformative dual-use technology that can provide organizations with better cyber defense tools and help adversaries improve methods of attack. A better understanding of the current and potential future capabilities of AI will help users see how related emerging technologies can affect their business.
  • Hitting the Jackpot: Cybercriminals' Persistent Interest in ATM Exploitation OpsJoin this webinar to learn about the marketplace dynamics enabling ATM jackpotting, common TTPs used by criminals, and what organizations can do to mitigate risk associated with these operations.
  • Breach Response Readiness: What the C-Suite Needs to KnowGiven today’s cyber landscape, all C-suite leaders have an important role to play in their organization’s cyber security posture and IR plan. Their individual and departmental contributions must help protect vital assets, safeguard privacy and ensure uninterrupted operations.
  • Building a Secure Future for Women in Cyber SecurityAside from breaches, ransomware attacks, and insider threats, another large issue faced by the cyber security industry is diversity, or lack thereof. Making the industry more appealing to women and then eventually retaining female talent are both challenges that are still affecting the cyber workforce.
  • How to Cope with GDPR Strict Breach Reporting Rules With speed of response being critical, you need a trusted partner with the incident response expertise, threat intelligence and purpose-built technology to enable rapid initial notification, and to provide support with subsequent notifications once further data points are identified/obtained.


  • APT37: The Overlooked North Korean ThreatAPT37 is less well-recognized than other threat actors sponsored by North Korea, but their increasing global activity and recent use of a zero-day exploit can no longer be ignored by network defenders.


  • Cyber Security Predictions: What is in Store for the EMEA Regions2017 was an eventful year in cyberspace, especially in Europe and the surrounding areas. We saw politically motivated industrial espionage attacks, changes in cyber legislation, a constantly adapting criminal ecosystem targeting various industries throughout the region – and that’s not even the half of it.